Strength Of Body And Mind

strength of body and mindDo you ever wonder why some people seem to have great success at whatever they put their hand to? It seems some people are good at everything they do. Success comes from inner strength, and inner strength is enhanced by outer body strength. Read on to discover simple ways for you to achieve strength of body and mind.
When I was 45lbs over weight and physically unfit I didn’t have good physical strength. The result of not working my muscles, combined with years of very low calorie dieting, was loss of muscle tone. Knowing that I lacked physical strength was just another reason to avoid physical activity. I believed that it was too hard and too late to change.
Neither did I have the emotional strength to deal with problem relationships and stressful situations. Rather than face the problem head on, I suppressed the feelings that the troubled situations evoked, with food.

Taking Control

When I decided to take control of my body, when I chose to eat the food that my body required to maintain energy and strength, when I began working my muscles daily through structured activity, it wasn’t long before my body became stronger. The  physical changes were soon apparent. Less body fat, more muscle definition. My body was better at fighting off colds and infections. I became fitter; therefore capable of doing more, moving faster, further and for longer.

When We Push Our Bodies To The Limit

When we push our bodies to the limit, on a regular basis, our body and mind learn to deal with stressful situations. We become accustomed to being out of our comfort zone, and are happy to venture out more often. Taking control of this one area of our lives gives us strength to take control of other areas of our lives also. We become more confident in our decision making, our organisation skills improve and we realise that others are inspired by the changes in us. When we choose to change for the better, we don’t just get physically strong, we become mentally and emotionally stronger too.
Every time we make the choice to change our body shape by saying no to second helpings, to stop before we have over eaten, to get off the couch and challenge our body with physical activity we are doing what it takes to achieve strength of body and mind. Building my strength gave me the courage to take on new challenges. I have traveled to some of Africa’s poorest countries where I took part in physical adventures.strength of body and mind While there I had the opportunity to speak to, encourage and inspire young woman to take control of their own lives. I resigned from a job that I had been happy and secure in for 15 years, in the pursuit of ultimate job satisfaction, my burning desire to do if for myself, to follow my dream and to be in control of my own destiny and happiness. All of this because I began to work out for 30 minutes 5 times per week.

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