Permanent Fat Loss And Ultimate Lifestyle Solution!

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The ultimate guide to achieving permanent fat loss, improve fitness, build strength of body and mind, improve well-being and live a happier life. Instructed by Vera Baker Health & Fitness/ Nutrition/Motivation Lectures              24                                             […]

Does Drinking Water Affect Fat Loss?

drinking water and fat loss

Does drinking water affect fat loss, why do we need to drink so much water, how much should we actually drink and how can we drink more water? All of these questions have been asked by clients in the past few weeks therefore I thought it was high time I wrote an article about drinking […]

Do Detox Diets Work?

Permanent fat loss

Detox diets are ever growing in popularity with detox products available in our local chemists, celeb diet plans popping up on social media sites and many books on the subject published, there is no doubt that it is a lucrative business. The goal for following a detox diet is to flush toxins out of our […]

Slow Down To Speed Up Fat Loss

Speed Up Fat Loss

No matter how sensible our approach to fat loss has become, and even understanding that fast weight loss is temporary weight loss, we still look for ways to speed up fat loss. Most of us are impatient and want to see quick fat loss results, and while it is very important to understand that we […]


Will Gluten Make Me Fat

The term “gluten free” is all the rage these days. Restaurants, grocery shops and bakeries are all offering “gluten free” choices and everybody is jumping on the bandwagon, in some cases without understanding what gluten is and if it is really detrimental to our health. Gluten acts as a binding agent. It is a protein […]

How to Lose Belly Fat-Part Three

How to lose belly fat

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is How to Lose Belly Fat. Usually we want to lose belly fat for cosmetic reasons, which is not always enough to motivate us to make changes. Therefore it’s important to remind ourselves that belly fat goes deeper than aesthetics, it’s not just affecting how we […]