Permanent Fat Loss And Ultimate Lifestyle Solution!

Vera's 5

The ultimate guide to achieving permanent fat loss, improve fitness, build strength of body and mind, improve well-being and live a happier life. Instructed by Vera Baker Health & Fitness/ Nutrition/Motivation Lectures              24                                             […]


Healty Food

Losing fat is determined by a whole host of factors ranging from calorie consumption to exercise to hormones. There are a range of processes that take place in our body before we see any fat loss. If these processes do not occur, we will not lose fat. If the wrong processes take place, we will […]

Strength Of Body And Mind

strength of body and mind

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have great success at whatever they put their hand to? It seems some people are good at everything they do. Success comes from inner strength, and inner strength is enhanced by outer body strength. Read on to discover simple ways for you to achieve strength of body and […]