Tattoos, Grief, Memories And My Mum


I never thought that I would get a tattoo. It wasn’t that I had anything against them, I admired them on others, I just never had a desire to get one myself. That is until my mum died February 2014. By the time tattoos got really popular mum was in her seventies, she was also […]

The Inca Trail And Machu Picchu

mp 65 rrs

The Inca trail and Machu Picchu were way up there on my list for many years, therfore when Jonathan from Concern told me that Concern Challenges where organising a trip to Machu Picchu I signed up immediately. The fact that Earth’s Edge was guiding the trek sealed the deal. I have already been on two […]

Vera’s 5 Permanent Fat Loss Program

Permanent fat loss

It’s been quite a while since I blogged on here, but with very good reason. I have been busy putting the finishing touches to Vera’s 5 Permanent Fat Loss Program, which I will launch this coming January. I’m really excited about launching my program and I want to let you know what’s coming your way […]

My Story: How I Achieved Permanent Fat Loss

permanent fat loss

The Path To Permanent Fat Loss Hello I’m Vera, I have been over weight, tried many diets, experienced failure, been depressed and comfort eaten. From my own experiences, eventual knowledge and success I achieved permanent fat loss. My website and weekly blogs are devised to help you to avoid the struggles and failures that I […]