Running with Dog on BeachLosing fat is pretty straightforward. Eat less and move more. That pretty much sums it up. However, putting these concepts into practice can be difficult.

Eating less and being on a caloric deficit is not easy for most of us since it requires sacrificing our favorite comfort foods. Exercising is not fun when we are only getting started and feeling unfit. So, it requires discipline to lose weight and let’s face it if we were naturally disciplined we probably wouldn’t have gained fat in the first place.

However, there are times when we are willing to put in the effort to exercise and watch what we eat. Yet at times we fail to see results. The reason for this is that even if the concept is simple, there are many little nuances in the concept that needs to be followed to maximise fat loss and see quicker results.

  • Counting our calorie burn.

Many of us get on treadmills in the gym that have a feature to measure how many calories we burn. We then obsess over the number of calories burned. This is unnecessary. All we need to do is work out as hard as we can within the allotted time we have given ourselves. That’s it. Forget the calories burned.

Many machines are not accurate anyway. Just aim to pant and gasp for air. Keeping a record of the training session and aiming to beat this record the next time around is way more effective and motivating that seeing a possibly inaccurate calorie burn. Always aim to beat your personal best.

  • Lift heavier weights.

Stop listening to the magazines that ask you to do 50 reps of some light weight to tone. Stick with the heavier weight and do fewer repetitions. More weight means more work done which equates to more calories burned.

  • Have a training plan and follow it.

Going to the gym and just winging it and doing whatever you think might be beneficial is like sailing out to sea without a destination. Your ship will float but it’s not going to end up where you want it to go.

  • You need a gym to lose fat.

Your body doesn’t care where you train. People have lost fat just running on the streets, doing yoga at home and bodyweight exercises at playgrounds. There are many videos of ripped and muscular guys who work out at playgrounds because they can’t afford a gym membership. So, if you don’t want to get a gym membership, that’s ok. Just exercise elsewhere.

  • Trying to spot reduce.

Sit-ups will not make your tummy slim. Push-ups will not make you lose flab on your arms if that’s all you do. Fat loss involves cardio, full-body resistance training and a healthy diet. You need to do high intensity cardio and resistance training.

Your body will burn fat all over your body and finally reach the most stubborn fat stores.

These are just some of the mistakes we I have made in the past, as have many of my clients. There are many more and I will cover them in future articles.

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