With all the misconceptions going around about fat loss, it can be very difficult to sort out what works and what doesn’t. We all want to do what works and to discard what doesn’t. Fat loss is pretty straight forward and you will lose fat as long as you eat less and exercise more. The reason we want to avoid making mistakes is so that we can speed up the fat loss process.

It can get demotivating when we are trying to lose fat for a long time and make very slow progress. By reducing mistakes, our efforts will not be hindered and we’ll progress at a much faster pace.

Does Over Exercising Affect Fat Loss

Rest days fat lossOne mistake many of us make is over exercising. This is counterproductive. Our body gets stressed out when it exercises. Some stress is necessary to raise our metabolic rate and get the fat burning process going. However, if we over train our body is going to produce cortisol which is a stress hormone. Cortisol is indirectly responsible for fat gain.

We will undo our efforts. This is one reason why we hit plateaus when we try to lose fat. The caloric deficit and training is making us lose calories but the cortisol is preventing the body from burning its fat stores. Not a fun situation to be in. Trainers always recommend having rest days, now you know why. Rest days are important in order to allow our body to recover, and to optimize our fat burning potential.


Eat Natural Drink Natural to Improve Fat Loss

Eat wholesome foods that are natural. Fresh vegetables, fruit, berries, unprocessed lean meat, eggs, fish, nuts are all natural foods. Protein shakes and meal replacement bars are not natural foods. Avoid these.

Water is natural. Drink plenty of water especially during and after workouts. Sports drinks are not. Do not consume calories by drinking them. It’s one of the easiest ways to gain fat. There is no need to drink protein shakes after a workout, simply eat lean protein instead.

Using Gym Machines for Fat Loss

Step into any gym and I have to admit, all the cool, sleek machines look impressive with all the stacked weights, cables and movingdumbells fat loss parts. But guess what?

Those ugly dumbbells and barbells we see at the corner, are the real fat burning equipment. Using machines is not half as effective as free weights. Our body is not made to move in a fixed range of movement. Free weights will make us stronger and recruit more muscle fibers and burn more calories per workout. Stick to the free weights and see the amazing results.


Daily Fat Burning Activities

Not incorporating fat burning activities in our daily life can slow down our fat loss. It is so common to see people who work out like crazy in the gym but once they are out of the gym, their mind switches off and they forget about burning anymore calories.

As long as we keep moving, we’re burning calories. Don’t miss an opportunity to walk more, instead of taking the car.  Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator. Make two or three trips up and down the stairs with laundry instead of taking it all at once. Take a twenty minute walk at lunch time. Becoming a more active person in our normal daily life, means missing a gym work out won’t hinder our fat loss.

Stop Looking at the Scales to See Your Weight Loss

The number we see on the scales only tells a small part of the story and often it is not even giving us an accurate tale. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time on the fat loss journey when we should stand on the scales, but not necessarily on a weekly basis, and we should not give it the ultimate power of judgement that it currently receives.   It’s time to step off the scales and instead monitor our progress by reviewing our good habit changes, how much our fitness has improved, changes to our body shape and most importantly our new attitude of positivity  and self belief.

Achieving permanent fat loss is easier than we sometimes think, however there are no short cuts to permanent fat loss. Enjoy the changes you are making now, and know that in time these changes will become habits and  part of your  new healthy lifestyle.


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