Vera Early Days

Vera Early Days

Hi I’m Vera I have been over weight, attempted many diets, experienced failure, been depressed and comfort eaten. Eventually I learned, through my own experiences and failures, how to achieve permanent fat loss. This blog posts may stop you from making the same mistakes that I once made.
I lost 45lbs/20kgs/3 stone over 16 years ago and I have maintained a healthy body size since then.

It took years of battling and struggling with my weight to finally discover the ‘secret’. I spent a fortune on meal replacements, diet meals, tablets that gave me heart palpitations and every magazine that featured a celebrities miracle diet results.
17 years of dieting left me feeling fat, frumpy, old for my years, not able to dress how I wanted, unfit and unhealthy.
Now I know why!

Whenever we go on a low calorie diet, or a diet where we cut out carbohydrates we don’t just lose fat, we also lose water and muscle. Water weight loss occurs because our body uses up supplies of carbohydrate stored in the muscle and liver. The loss looks great on the scales but is temporary. As soon as we start to eat normally again, all of that water weight returns. I wish I had known that when I began dieting, when the water weight returned I always ended up feeling like a failure and more even distressed about my weight.

Losing muscle affects the rate at which our bodies burn calories. Research shows that the body loses a proportionately high amount of muscle with a very low calorie intake and this may considerably suppress metabolism. I really was setting myself up for failure. No wonder through dieting I gained 45lbs.
Now I eat healthy, normal foods 5 times a day. I don’t starve myself, in fact I never allow myself to become hungry. I eat the portion that is correct for my body size, not minute amounts of food. I Vera in a Pink Dressget the balance right on my plate, including all of the food groups with every meal.
Because I am filling my body with the foods that it needs to maintain health and energy I feel energise and therefore being active is no longer the chore or the hardship that it originally was for me. Now it is a part of my life that I enjoy and look forward to.
Having said all of that I must also tell you that I eat chocolate every day of my life and have done for the past 16 years while maintaining my healthy body size. I drink coffee, and wine, I drink cold beer on hot sunny days.
I love all food equally, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Mexican, Thai but I don’t over eat. I love really good wine, and I like a nice cold gin and tonic but I don’t drink to excess.
You can have it all, but you can’t have all of everything, every day. You can view a short series of videos I made about the 5 factors for permanent fat loss right here
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By Vera Baker

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