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feel goodThe Feel Good Factory are happy to announce our wellness weekend ‘Retreat to Advance’ is taking place on the 12th and 13th of September. The focus of the weekend is improving your life by improving your nutrition, fitness and learning to self motivate.

We begin with a beautiful hike on Seefin Mountain.feel good We will take it at an easy pace, enjoying the breathtaking scenery and fresh Wicklow air. Those who wish to trek all the  way to the top (approximately 3 hours up and down) will discover the 5,000 year old passage grave.feel good It is said that on a clear day you can see all the way across to the famous passage grave at Newgrange, two counties away, and that Seefin was deliberately built to be seen from Newgrange. Seefin has it’s own story which I am looking forward to sharing with hikers. On our return to Kippure estate we will be meet with a healthy, tasty and filling lunch, followed by a seminar outlining simple ways to eat good nutrition, avoid comfort eating and adapt a healthier and happier lifestyle.

After a short recess you can then decide to join Naomi for Power Sweat. Naomi is a highly qualified and motivated fitness instructor, who takes a personal interest and immense pride in each of her clients. Power Sweat is a combination of resistance, core, interval training and strength, in other words you can’t predict what the class will bring, but you can predict the amazing results. If Power Sweat is not for you then instead you can join Jill for Vinyasa Flow. Jill’s hypnotic and captivating voice gently leads her clients into a self awareness and a focus on breathing. Then “we move, we stretch, we hold, we sweat and we relax”. Jill’s classes offer the basic poses of any yoga sequence and also the opportunity to modify those poses to deepen their practice at a level clients are comfortable with at that moment. She emphasizes the importance of listening to the body and that each practice may bring different feelings to the body. There are always options and modifications to everything in life. What to do both these classes, that’s not a problem as both Naomi and Jill will be running two 45 minute classes back to back.

feel goodWorkout/yoga complete you can take your time getting familiar with the luxurious 2,3 & 4 bedroom lodges, where you can sit back and relax while enjoying the views from the picture windows.

Dinner is served at 7pm and again offers the best of locally sourced ingredients, lots of choice, all filling, healthy and tasting wonderful. After dinner we have our well-being workshop ‘Feel Good Factor!’ where we will have some fun while discovering what motivates us and how we can motivate ourselves. Afterwards its time to chill out at the bar or have an early night.

An early morning start with a choice of running a 3k trail with Naomi, a brisk walk with me or Wake up Yoga with Jill, will be followed with a full breakfast. To wrap up our weekend we will get together to reflect on our experience.

Did I mention that as well as all meals we will also include healthy snacks throughout the weekend. The cost of the our wellness weekend ‘Retreat to Advance’ is just €149 pps and includes transport from 2 pick up points.

Our aim is to ensure that this experience will help you to discover that changing your life for the better is not as difficult as you once thought. You will leave armed with tips and skills that you can enforce on a daily basis to improve your nutrition, fitness and well-being and you will have a new understanding of what motivates you and how to motivate yourself. In simple terms how to FEEL GOOD! powerfit

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