FITNESS-Simple Steps To Achieve Fitness

Vera Climbing A MountainDo you want to get fit and lose fat, but don’t know where to start? Do you think you are too old or it’s too late or you’ve let yourself go too far? If you do think these things YOU ARE WRONG! Here are some simple steps to achieve fitness.

How I Achieved Fitness

Looking back it amazes me how willing I was to sabotage my fitness in favour of food and the couch. At age 30 I felt old, fat and frumpy. I was carrying 45lbs of extra fat. I had no energy and even less motivation to move off the couch. I didn’t have the confidence to join a gym or classes; I thought I would be the biggest person there. The result of eating the wrong foods and not exercising was an unfit, unhealthy and unhappy 29 year old.
Facing my 30th birthday made me take stock. I knew I was going one way or the other and thankfully something clicked and I started to make better choices. Firstly, I was motivated by what I didn’t want. I didn’t want to be fat anymore; I didn’t want to be unfit and unhappy. I began to make better food choices and I began to walk for 30 minutes 5 times per week.
I realised that I am in control of my own fitness (health is different, it can throw us a curve ball at times) but my fitness is my lifestyle and my lifestyle is a reflection of my choices. When I choose to eat healthy, regular meals and I choose to exercise I  am choosing fat loss and fitness.

There Are No Age Restrictions On Fitness

We can achieve fitness at any age. I was over 30 when I finally became fit, but over 40 when my fitness reached the high levels that I am now at. We cannot control our age, we can control how well our body age.s When I decided to get fit I began walking for 30 minutes 5 times per week. I’ve come a long way since then, but had I not walked for 30 minutes back then I wouldn’t be Adventure Racing now. You have to begin where you are right now. If right now you are fit enough to walk one minute out and one minute back home, then that’s what you do until you are fit enough to walk one and a half minutes out and one and a half minutes back. Keep going and you will be surprised where your fitness will take you. At 40+ I am at my peak fitness, I run, cycle, swim, kayak, climb and I do some of this competitively. I enjoy spinning, hot yoga, boxing and TRX. I compete in Adventure Racing and I have had two African Tri Adventures. My life has been opened up to adventure since becoming fit. I would never, ever have even contemplated doing any of this at age 29 while I was 3stone/45lbs/20kgs over weight, with high cholesterol.

What’s Your Everest?

When I first met Teena Gates she was 23 stone and could only walk for one minute on her treadmill before stopping to take a breath, have a rest and then walk for one minute on her treadmill. Eighteen months later, with food and life style guidance from me, and fitness training from David Dunne, she was 11 stone/155lbs/70kgs lighter and standing on Mount Everest. Those first tentative steps on her treadmill began a journey of courage and tenacity that would eventually lead her to trek to Base Camp Mount Everest and beyond to Island Peak. We all have our own Everest. My first Everest was 30 minutes around the block without stopping to catch my breath. What’s your Everest? Walking around the block? Walking a mile? Running a marathon? Swimming in the ocean? Climbing a mountain? You can conquer your personal Everest, all you need to do is start and continue. No food, no time on the couch, will ever give you the exhilarating feeling of achievement that conquering your own personal Everest will give you.

Simple Steps To Achieve Fitness

Step One: START Step Two: CONTINUE Step Three: REPEAT

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