How Do You Get Motivated To Exercise?

Whether I’m coaching clients or chatting to friends about being active the most common question I get asked is ‘how do you get motivated motivated to exerciseto exercise?’ People tell me they know why they should exercise and they know they will feel happy once they exercise, but this knowledge is just not enough to motivate them to get moving. We cannot sit around waiting for motivation to come to us, instead recognise that feeling unmotivated is something everyone goes through and what you really need is an exercise ritual.

Motivation Is A Mental Muscle

The good news is that actually starting an effective exercise routine isn’t as unpleasant or difficult as it may sound. Just because you are feeling unmotivated doesn’t mean you will have to spend weeks or months forcing yourself to do something that you don’t want to do, all you have to do is start and take those first few steps on faith. Motivation is actually a mental muscle and works like our other muscles, the more we use it, the stronger it gets. Just like there are good ways to train our other muscles effectively, there are good ways to train our motivation so its gets stronger too. This makes it easier for us to establish and maintain a good exercise habit.

5 Tips For How To Get Motivated To Exercise

Find Your Reason For Exercising: There are two reasons for everything we do, the right reason and the real reason. When it comes to exercising the right reason is our health and well-being. If that hasn’t motivated you thus far it’s never going to, so what is the real reason? To wear skinny jeans? To beat your brother in a race? To look as good undressed as you do dressed? To chase after your grandchildren? To chase the girl/guy of your dreams? Don’t over think it; usually the first thing that comes into your head is the most honest. Once you have your reason focus on it. Keep the reason on the forefront of your conscious, think about it all the time and you won’t be able to ignore the logic of working out. Working out will become the solution to getting what you want. We are pretty good at doing things to get what we want, so lining these two things up, the motivation (reason) and the action (exercise) will be easy.

Find Your Passion For Exercising: If I were to list all the different exercises, sports and activities this blog would run into a couple of motivated to exercisethousand words. Keep trying different activities, exercises and sports until you find one that you are passionate about. When exercising becomes our passion, when it is something we really enjoy rather than a chore, we will want to spend time doing it. It becomes not just our choice but our preference.

Find A Goal To Work Towards: Sign up for a charity walk/run/cycle/swim. Rather than training for trainings sake have an event to train for. Once you have a date and distance to work towards you will have a goal in mind as you work out. The feelings of pride and accomplishment after the event will encourage you to sign up for the next event. Don’t let competition put you off. I take part in runs and races regularly and the only person I ever compete with is myself.

Lose The Excuses: Time or lack of it is the most common excuse to skip exercising. Set your alarm thirty minutes earlier in the morning. You then have the choice to exercise for thirty minutes first thing in the morning, or later in the day, either way you have just added thirty minutes to your day. Lack of energy is the second most common excuse I hear to avoid exercising. Eat healthy and often, especially breakfast. We don’t expect our car to run on an empty tank or by filling the tank with junk. Everything is intrinsically connected. If we eat healthily we’ll feel healthier. When we feel healthier we feel like working out. When we work out we feel like eating healthier.

Enjoy Rest Days: Rest days are important to give our muscles an opportunity to rest and repair. The promise of a rest day tomorrow is often enough motivation to work out today. Exercise 5 Times A Week and relax and enjoy your two rest days.

Do Something Today

How do you get motivated to exercise? You get motivated to exercise by just doing it. Remember Motivation is a Mental Muscle, work it. Rather than reading this article and deciding to start exercising tomorrow do something right now, as soon as you finish reading. Do 5 sit ups, or 10 burpees, plank for 30 seconds or walk up a flight of stairs.

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