Goal Setting – 5 Easy Steps To Successfully Reach Your Goals

‘A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline!’ Napoleon Hill.

goal settingSimply having a dream is the starting point for goal setting. Do you dream? There are no limits when we dream.  Dream big! Goal setting is simply taking dreams, and adding dates and actions. And what better time of the year to look at goal setting for 2016.

The first step is to think about what you WANT for yourself. That WANT is going to be the fuel in your tank. If you want something badly enough nothing should stop you from achieving it. If you really want it you should do whatever it takes. Being told we NEED to lose weight seldom motivates a person, no matter who does the suggesting. A doctor, a family member, a good friend might suggest that we need to make changes to our lifestyle, but WE have to WANT to CHANGE.

I have worked with hundreds of people and I have wanted success for every one of them. I know, through my own medical cannabis experience and the experience of others I have helped that everyone can achieve their goals.  The WANT has to come from within, and we need a constant reminder of why we want this.

I’m sure we have all tried different lifestyle changes and diets in the past. Maybe we had short term success before slipping back into old habits. Why does this happen? It happens because we forget why we wanted it in the first place. To guarantee that we give ourselves the very best chance of achieving our goals we must know why we want to achieve these things, and we must remind ourselves daily why we want to achieve these things.

Step One – Write Down All The Reasons You Have For Wanting To Achieve Your Goals.

goal setting 2Make your reasons personal to you. Don’t over think the reasons. Usually the first thoughts that come into our heads are the most honest stickers slot online. The more reasons we have, the more likely we are to do what it takes to reach our goals. Most importantly if we have enough reasons to do this, if the want is great enough, than we will expect more from ourselves and will not accept excuses.

 Step Two – Memorise Your Reasons

Keep the list of reasons on you or somewhere in your home where you will see it every day. Read it, re-read it, then read it again. Read it 20 times a day, until you have memorised the list. It will be a mantra going around your head. Number 4 on my list was; ‘to look good in a pair of white jeans.’ Not the most worthy of reasons I know, but we are often more motivated by what may seem trivial to others. I wore jeans when I was carrying an extra 45lbs, but I never wore white jeans. When I was tempted by unhealthy foods, I would pause and ask myself ‘is this going to help me to look good in a pair of white jeans?’ If the answer was ‘no’ I was motivated to make a better choice. Number 2 on my list was to change my body shape and this was a huge motivator, which got me out of bed to exercise on cold, dark mornings, when I was tempted to cuddle up for an extra hours sleep instead.

Step Three – Write Daily, Weekly and Monthly Goals.

goal settingWe don’t need to be perfect every day but we are required to do even one thing every day in order to achieve our goals. A daily goal can be as simple as ‘I will drink 5 glasses of water today’ or ‘I will slow down when eating today’. A weekly goal might be to eat the correct portion for my body size even at the weekend and to try one new recipe/food per week. An example of a  monthly goal could be to lose 7lbs of body fat, increase my exercise by the end of the  month and try one new activity.

The good news is we don’t need will power to achieve our goals. Will power is linked to our emotional state. Some days we have it in abundance, other days there is no sign of it anywhere. We cannot depend on will power; therefore it is no use to us. Remove will power from your vocabulary. What we do need are Goals, Actions and Commitment.

Step Four – Make A Written Contract With Yourself


My Fat loss goal:        _____________          Deadline date: ____________

My clothes size goal: _____________

My Fitness goal: _____________________________________________________

My Strength goal: ______________________________________________________

My Well-being goal: ______________________________________________________

My Happiness goal:_______________________________________

Then add Actions and Commitments. Make a list of all the actions you will take and the commitments you will make in order to reach your goals.

Signed: __________________      Date: ________________________

You are making a contract with yourself. The contract gives your goals more importance and lets face it when it comes to looking after your health and fitness, nothing is more important.

Step Five – Review Regularly

As you begin to change so will your goals. Remember goals are written in sand not in stone. If you miss your deadline simply give yourself more time.  Be realistic when putting dates on goals. Change comes slowly and so do results. You are learning all the time, and the lessons you learn as you travel will help when it comes to maintaining your new healthy lifestyle.

Goal Setting For Success

You’ve heard a million times that the most successful people in this world have written goals. You’ve heard it a million times because it is true. We often find that as a deadline approaches we are in danger of not reaching our goal. Changing the goal is not always the answer; sometimes changing the action is the answer. goal setting

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