How Taking Control Will Lead To Happiness

I coach people to change their lives by achieving fat loss, fitness, strength, well-being and happiness. Many people that I have coached had no idea how to take control of their own happiness. The best part of my job is seeing unhappy people become genuinely happy people. If you want to take control of your own happiness then keep reading.

Vera over weightWhen I was 45lbs over weight I was sad all of the time, I woke up feeling sad in the morning and I went to bed at night feeling the same way. I’m not saying that I was never happy, there were of course times when I was happy, laughing and having fun, but deep inside that sadness was always lurking. It wasn’t just sadness about my appearance, or the extra fat I was carrying; it was deep routed and came from within. For me the sadness was regret, guilt and disappointment. On making the decision to change habits, what and when I ate and to become active the sadness began to fade. I was taking control of my life, and that made me happy.

Including regular activity also helped me to achieve happiness. Exercise increases endorphins (happy hormones) and reduces stress levels. Along with that is the exhilarating feelings of achievement and pride in our efforts.


It dawned on me many years ago that I was in control of my own happiness. I decided to concentrate on doing the things I enjoy doing, and that contribute to and aid me in my improved lifestyle. Happy VeraSome things, some old habits and indulgences, get left behind for good reason. Move on.

My decision was also to spend more time with the people I enjoy being with, and who in turn appreciate my company. I surround myself with positive like-minded people. We must be the star in our own lives, and if someone in the cast is causing us to be unhappy than it may be time to let them go and move on.
Sometimes achieving happiness may mean forgiving someone who hurt us or facing a situation that we were trying to avoid. Facing the feelings, acknowledging the source, taking action and moving on allows us to repair emotional feelings that stopped us from feeling completely happy.

Vera With Happy PeopleHappiness is not an entitlement; it comes from our own actions.

You can be someone who causes happiness wherever you go, or whenever you go!


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By Vera Baker

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