mountain trekingLosing fat is determined by a whole host of factors ranging from calorie consumption to exercise to hormones. There are a range of processes that take place in our body before we see any fat loss.
If these processes do not occur, we will not lose fat. If the wrong processes take place, we will sabotage our fat loss efforts and gain fat instead.
One of the factors that most of us are unaware of when it comes to fat loss is our hormones. Hormones such as Leptin and Ghrelin will determine if we will binge eat, feel hungry or eat uncontrollably. Most of us assume that any slip up on our part is due to a lack of will power.
We feel mentally weak. What we fail to realise is that our hormones are hijacking our ardent efforts. It is not about will power. Sometimes these hormones can make it extremely difficult to stay the course.
The good news is that our hormones can be controlled so that they serve us instead of sabotaging us. Our hormones can work in our favour to aid our fat loss. In a healthy, fit body, these hormones do exactly that.
Ghrelin is a hormone that is produced in the stomach. Its properties are the opposite of Leptin. While Leptin sends signals to our body when we have had enough food, Ghrelin send sends signals that we are hungry and need food.
When ghrelin levels are low, we will not feel hungry. We will eat less and be in control of our weight. We don’t feel tempted to indulge in hedonic pleasures such as binge eating and mindless eating.Healty Food
One mistake so many people, including myself, have made when trying to lose fat is to reduce our calories too much. When we follow very low calorie diets, diets where we only consume juice or shakes, or where we have days of fasting we raise Ghrelin levels and lower Leptin levels.
This is a double whammy. We will feel hungry all the time and even when we do eat, we will not reach satisfaction levels. This is why when we go on crash diets we often regain all the weight we lost and more! The Leptin levels were so low and Ghrelin levels so high we ended up eating more than we needed to and became fatter. It is not a case of having no will power, or being greedy, it is simply a response to our hormones.
To lose fat effectively, we need to keep our Ghrelin levels stable. We can do this by ensuring we don’t restrict our calorie levels too much. Don’t try and rush fat loss. In the long run, rushing it will hinder our progress.
A high fat diet raises Ghrelin levels. The more fat we eat, the higher our Ghrelin levels. We will become hungrier and in turn eat more fatty foods. It’s a vicious cycle.
Eat a diet that is well balanced and low in fat.
Watch your daily calorie consumption and the fat in your diet and you will have your Ghrelin levels in check. You will not be hungry all the time and will not be tempted to over eat or binge eat.
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