How To Love Yourself More

How to love yourself  moreValentine’s weekend is looming and if there is one holiday that has the potential to make us all feel bad about ourselves, its Valentine’s.  It’s a made up holiday, commercially driven, that has hijacked our most precious gift, love, and reduced it to syrupy verses on overpriced cards, tacky teddy bears with fluffy red hearts, and don’t even get me started on the inflated price of a bunch of roses. Yet most of us buy into it every year, allowing a host of corporations, who by the way make an obscene amount of money from Valentine’s Day, to either induce feelings of loneliness because we are single, or inadequacy because our relationship doesn’t live up to the unrealistic romances splattered all over our TV’s, cinemas and social media. So here is my advice, for what it is worth, this Valentine’s Day, forget the hearts, the flowers the soppy Valentine’s versus, and instead concentrate on loving the most important person in your life, You! Let’s look at How To Love Yourself More.

Nurture Yourself With Food

I know from my own experience, and the experiences of the many people who I have coached, it is easier to love ourselves when we look after ourselves. Nurture yourself physically by treating your body with respect. Eat food that nurtures and nourishes. There is a difference between what we want to eat and what our body needs us to eat. Often when we eat high fat, high salt and sugary foods, we are left feeling guilty, disappointed in ourselves and still unsatisfied. Eating for nutrition will leave us feeling full and satisfied, and has no negative bearing on our emotions. When we over indulged in high fat, sugary foods and alcohol we are often left feeling bloated, lethargic, with sick stomach and headaches. When we eat healthy, fresh, nutritious foods we feel energised, positive, lighter, in control and better about ourselves. Nurture yourself with healthy, nutritious, satisfying food.

With Physical Activity

Love yourself more

In short you need to exercise regularly if you want to love yourself more, and here’s why.  Exercise/physical activity realises happy chemicals into our brain. It makes us feel less stressed and eases anxiety. It gives us energy and helps to promote a healthy sleep pattern. One of the most important qualities we need, in order to love ourselves more, is confidence. Exercise boosts our confidence. When we don’t like how we look it’s easy to have low self-esteem. When we exercise we see our body transform and quickly change. We look better. Exercise also makes us look and feel stronger. When you push your body to its limits, on a daily basis, through exercising, and see the results of your own hard work it evokes confidence, which in turn helps you to love yourself more.

Through Language

Be kind to yourself when you speak to yourself. Self-criticism is damaging. When you make a mistake it’s easy to be your own worst critic. Don’t be hard on yourself; there are plenty of others who are only too willing to be hard on you. Instead be your own best supporter. Talk yourself up instead of talking yourself down. We have tens of thousands of thoughts in a day, can you imagine if all your self-thoughts are negative how damaging they will be. Remember they are your thoughts; no one else is listening, so why not say nice, positive, complimentary things to yourself. In fact do it right now. Have 5 complimentary thoughts about yourself before you read the next paragraph.

Through Others

Surround yourself with people who love you, people who appreciate your company, and genuinely want to be with you. Avoid everyone else. You will find it difficult to love yourself if you are spending time or communicating with people who put you down, criticize and judge you. If someone makes you feel valued, loved and better about yourself, then have them in your life. If someone makes you feel worthless, unappreciated and bad about yourself then cut them loose. Avoid being in their company, avoid their status updates, avoid any contact. We don’t need lots of friends, just a few good friends who love us.

By Letting Go

You will love yourself more when you learn to let go. Let go of bad habits that you have carried with you years. Let go of people who invoke feelings of self-doubt. Let go of past mistakes and forgive yourself. Let go of the hurt that others may have caused you. Let go of comparing yourself to others. Instead focus your own strengths, your uniqueness and individuality. Let go of the need to be perfect, your best is good enough. Let go of the person you wish you were and love the person you are. Don’t strive to be anyone else, instead strive to be the best version of you.

Loving yourself more is not about being overly vain or conceited. Loving yourself is an important part of living a happy life. It is also important for maintaining healthy relationships with others. Loving yourself more is about having self-respect which is the most dependable way to create love in your life. To receive love from others we must first love and respect ourselves.           I hope you enjoyed reading this blog How To Love Yourself More. Please feel free to share this or any of my articles on Facebook, Twitter or any social media that you use. I value your feedback and am happy to answer your questions.

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