My Story: How I Achieved Permanent Fat Loss

The Path To Permanent Fat Loss

Hello I’m Vera, I have been over weight, tried many diets, experienced failure, been depressed and comfort eaten. From my own experiences, eventual knowledge and success I achieved permanent fat loss. My website and weekly blogs are devised to help you to avoid the struggles and failures that I once experienced, and to fast forward your own success in achieving permanent fat loss. To change one area of our lives permanently we must focus on all area’s of life, therefore my focus is not only on fat loss, but also fitness, strength, well-being and happiness. This is VERA’S 5, LIVE IT! I can show you how.

I Dieted For 17 Years And Gained 45lbs

For 17 years I  struggled and battled with my weight, permanent fat lossfollowing one fad diet after another, which ultimately lead to my being 45lbs/ 3 stone/ 20kgs overweight. At age 30 I felt old, fat and frumpy. It was impossible to dress the way I really wanted to and instead I dressed to hide my body. Socializing was a  nightmare for me, I was so self-conscious. I hated having my photo taken and I avoided looking in the mirror.permanent fat loss On top of the cosmetics, I was unfit, the slightest exertion left me feeling breathless, and I was unhealthy, with high cholesterol and always picking up infections. But worse than all of this was the sadness I felt, sadness, guilt and disappointment in myself. Eventually I stopped dieting. Instead I took control of what I eat, how much I eat and when I eat. I also began to walk regularly, which built up my fitness and the result was permanent fat loss and achieving my desired body shape. I’m not skinny, but that was never my desire. I am strong and I have definition. The 17 years of dieting and battling with my weight has now been followed by 16 years of maintaining a healthy body size. For the past 15 years I have been coaching, motivating, informing and inspiring hundreds of people to achieve what I have achieved.

Knowledge Of Food and Fat Loss

Over the years my life has changed radically. I have progressed from walking for 30 minutes a day to taking part in adventure races and global adventures. Had I not begun walking for 30 minutes a day, I would not be taking part in global Tri Adventures today. When it comes to fitness we have to start where we are, we can only work out at our own fitness level. Because we start, and because we continue, our fitness level changes, we become fitter, faster, stronger and  capable of so much more. As my life and fitness changed so did my knowledge surrounding food and fat loss. I created my website to pass on my knowledge and motivation. I struggled and battled with my weigh for 17 years and spent a lot of that time feeling guilty, disappointed in myself and ultimately sad. My tips and motivation may help you to avoid my mistakes.

permanent fat lossBy taking control of what I eat and when I eat, and by taking the time to exercise I have not only achieved permanent fat loss and fitness, I am also a much stronger person, both physically and mentally. My well-being has improved because of the confidence I have in myself, the contentment in my life and my very positive outlook. Most importantly I have learned to  let go of  sadness and taken control of my own happiness. The good news is it wasn’t difficult for me to change; it doesn’t have to be difficult for you either.

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