Retreat To Advance

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After weeks of planning, changing plans, meetings at Molly’s and a trillion Wats App messages Naomi, Jill and I managed to transport our group safely to the beautiful Kippure Estate in Wicklow. Some of us took their group the ‘scenic’ route (Naomi) and had a close encounter with a deadly sheep, while the rest of […]

Feel Good Factory

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The Feel Good Factory are happy to announce our wellness weekend ‘Retreat to Advance’ is taking place on the 12th and 13th of September. The focus of the weekend is improving your life by improving your nutrition, fitness and learning to self motivate. We begin with a beautiful hike on Seefin Mountain. We will take […]

Cod With Mango Salsa And Sweet Potato Mash

Grilled cod

This recipe is a single serving, simply double, triple or quadruple the quantities to serve more people. Preperation and cooking time 30 minutes. To cook the Sweet Potato Pierce 1 small/ ½ a large sweet potato with a fork and cover with cooking foil. Place in a preheated, hot oven and bake until tender, approximately […]

Why We Don’t Need Will Power To Succeed

will power

People give up on their goals all the time because they say they don’t have will power, or they’ve lost their will power. Will power is fake, we cannot depend on it, it is no use to us, we don’t need it. And that’s the good news! We don’t need will power to follow a […]

Part Two-5 Habits To Boost Your Energy

how to boost energy

In Part One of How To Boost Your Energy we looked at foods that zap energy and foods that help to boost our energy levels. Food plays a big part in our overall well-being, as do our habits. The good news is that by simply adjusting a few everyday habits we can positively charge our […]

How To Boost Your Energy – 5 Foods To Boost Your Energy


At this time of year the weather changes…………..well, like the ‘weather’.  Frosty mornings melt into a snippet of summer temperatures, often followed by winter winds and rain. The ever changing weather can have a huge effect on your energy levels and that’s why it is important that you are eating foods that boost your energy. […]