Part Two-5 Habits To Boost Your Energy

how to boost energyIn Part One of How To Boost Your Energy we looked at foods that zap energy and foods that help to boost our energy levels. Food plays a big part in our overall well-being, as do our habits. The good news is that by simply adjusting a few everyday habits we can positively charge our energy. By following these 5 Habits To Boost Your Energy you will soon see the changes in your energy levels.


It will come as no surprise that the most powerful aid to boost your energy is Sleep. Eight hours of sleep is optimal for health, vitality and energy. Lack of sleep will leave us feeling lethargic, lacking in energy, irritable, increases fat gain and weakens our immune function. Getting enough sleep regulates hormones, regulates our metabolism, improves our mood, improves our concentration, improves our memory, enhances our performance in every area of our lives and leaves us feeling refreshed and energised. There is a reason it’s called beauty sleep. Our skin goes into repair mode while we sleep. Our skin renews itself; new skin cells grow and replace older cells. Forget the face lift; just get a good night’s sleep.  Remember too that alcohol prevents your body from entering REM sleep, the most restful sleep. Therefore even if you are getting plenty of sleep each night,  you may  not feel fully refreshed if you are regularly having a nightcap.


motivated to exerciseWe all know that exercising gives us energy. Even when we are feeling exhausted, at the end of a long day, walking briskly for thirty minutes is like hitting the refresh button. Even a short ten minute brisk walk will leave us feeling revved up for two hours. ‘I’m too tired’ is not an excuse to skip exercising, it is the reason we need to exercise.


water and fat lossBreathing, sleeping, talking, walking, even sitting to read this blog; all use up our waters supply. If our body dries out, our energy will dry up too. Drink at least 5 large glasses of water each day. I understand that many people find drinking water unpleasant. Add natural flavors to water, such as; fresh lemon, lime, mint, cucumber or ginger.

Light Up

Open blinds and curtains fully. Take the opportunity to sit outdoors during lunch breaks, or take a short walk outside. Our body needs vitamin D from sunlight to help keep energy levels at their peak. On dull days fake it. Use a bright bulb in your work place and keep it turned on all day.

Time Out

Getting a good work/leisure balance plays a vital role in controlling our energy levels. Work overload will leave us feeling not just physically but also mentally drained, stressed and moody. Whether you work in an office, factory, shop or in the home, take scheduled breaks throughout the day. Research shows that workers who take a lunch break, even thirty minutes, away from their work station, have a 70% higher afternoon performance rate, than those who work through lunch break.

If you put all of these habits into action, and are including the 5 Foods To Boost Your Energy and are still feeling overly tired, it may be time to take a thyroid test. Talk to your doctor about a blood test for thyroid dysfunction as well as anemia.

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