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Tips to Get You to The Light at The End of The Permanent Fat Loss Tunnel

I get asked all the time, how can I stay motivated? People will tell me that when they start a diet and exercise plan they are very enthusiastic in the first few weeks, but as time goes on the enthusiasm fades, as does the will to continue.

I was the same for many years. I would start a diet on Monday, because I’d had a pretty bad weekend and the holiday was getting closer. Quite often I did manage to continue on the diet for a number of weeks and would actually experience some weight loss.

Inevitably the motivation would wane and I slipped backed into old habits and the weight I’d lost soon returned, often with even more than I had originally lost. I guess that’s how I ended up ‘dieting’ my way to 45lbs/3stone/20ks over weight.

It took me years to realise why I lost motivation but I can make a list of all the reasons I gave myself.

  • I became bored with the diet.
  • I stopped losing weight.
  • Life got so busy I became distracted.
  • I wasn’t getting the results I expected.
  • It wasn’t working for me.
  • I had a few ‘bad’ days and couldn’t get back on track.
  • I was happy with what I lost at the beginning, treated myself with food to celebrate and gained back all I had lost.

I could go on and on and on, but what I now know is that none of these were the real reasons why I lost motivation; they were just the excuses that I used.Motivational Image

The truth is I lost motivation because I lost sight of why I wanted to follow the diet in the first place. I forgot how important it had originally been to make changes and to lose fat. As time passed the ‘why’ faded and because the ‘why’ was lost there was no reason to keep making the effort.

How do we change this? How do we stay motivated? Easy.

Write Reasons.

When we make the decision to lose weight, to get fit and healthy the very first thing we should do is write down why. Why am I feeling like this, why do I want to change, what are the benefits to me. Make a list, write as many reasons as you can think of. Write the first thing that comes into your head, because that is usually the most honest. Don’t try to make the reasons noble or admirable, all that matters is that they motivate you. And once you have made the list memorise it.

To stay motivated we must remind ourselves on a daily basis why we want to achieve fat loss and why it is worth the effort. And this works in all areas of life, it is not restricted to fat loss.

I’m sure that you have heard a thousand times that the most successful people in life have written goals. You’ve heard it a thousand times because it is true.

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By Vera Baker

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