How To Love Yourself More

How to love yourself more

Valentine’s weekend is looming and if there is one holiday that has the potential to make us all feel bad about ourselves, its Valentine’s.  It’s a made up holiday, commercially driven, that has hijacked our most precious gift, love, and reduced it to syrupy verses on overpriced cards, tacky teddy bears with fluffy red hearts, […]

Why Exercise Makes You Happy?

exercise does make us happy

Have you ever wondered why exercise makes you happy, and if indeed this statement is true? I am just back training after 5 weeks of injury. For the first two weeks I was suffering from a mild knee injury, so I could still do core and strength training with modifications. I had only recovered from […]

How Do You Get Motivated To Exercise?

motivated to exercise

Whether I’m coaching clients or chatting to friends about being active the most common question I get asked is ‘how do you get motivated to exercise?’ People tell me they know why they should exercise and they know they will feel happy once they exercise, but this knowledge is just not enough to motivate them […]


Green Tea

Losing fat can be tiring. We all want quick results and almost everybody who is trying to lose fat will look for shortcuts and tactics that will give us an edge in the battle against flab. We all want fast results but fat loss is a slow process. There are no shortcuts. No pills, cream […]


Healty Food

Losing fat is determined by a whole host of factors ranging from calorie consumption to exercise to hormones. There are a range of processes that take place in our body before we see any fat loss. If these processes do not occur, we will not lose fat. If the wrong processes take place, we will […]


Vera and Girls Walking

Often people tell me that they hate to exercise, that its hard work, a chore they would rather avoid, something that they have a real aversion to. When we have a passion for what we are doing, when we really enjoy our activity, it no longer seems like hard work but rather something fun that […]