SpinningSo what is the best time of the day to work out? Some say that morning is the best time while others say that it really doesn’t matter.  Amidst all this conflicting information, which is the truth?

It all depends on you. What is your life like? Do you like to get an early start to your day, or do you have your morning routine timed so that you can stay in bed until the very last minute.

The good news is that any time is a good time to exercise. We should not skip our training just because we cannot work out at an ideal time. As long as we are putting in the effort and sweating it out we will receive results.

There is no conclusive proof to show that one time of the day is better than another to exercise, however there are clear benefits to exercising early in the day.

When we work out we are creating the ability to burn fat for hours afterwards.  If we work out too close to bedtime, once we sleep, our metabolic rate will drop. This will slow down our body’s fat burning.

If we work out within an hour of waking our body will be in fat burning mode for the rest of our waking hours.

There are two more factors to take note of. Firstly, it is best to train at the same time daily. All things being constant, we will be able to track our progress and constantly see if we are beating our personal best. If we train at different times of the day, we may not know if any improvement or lack of improvement is due to our training time or performance.

The second factor is the motivation factor. Some of us are grumpy and moody when we first wake up. That would not be a good time to train. Think about the time of the day when you feel most energetic and motivated.

Hot YogaExercise can be fun. Finding activities you enjoy and a time that suits your lifestyle will add to the enjoyment and will enhance your results.

Lastly, the key to any successful fat loss program is our diet. Our diet is just as, if not more important than our exercise. Eat well and exercise regularly. The very best time of the day for you to work out, is the time that suits you best, and that’s good news!

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