Stressed womanDo you ever stop and think about the labels we give ourselves? Most of us hate being labelled by others but are very quick to put a label on ourselves. Often the labels that we give to ourselves are a way of staying in our comfort zone rather than acknowledging that we can actually change if we are willing to make a change.

Many of my clients will call themselves ‘Fat’. They feel that they are being honest and not trying to soft soap their condition. I say to them ‘Fat is something you have, it is not who you are’.

‘I am fat; it is very difficult to change what I am.’

‘I have fat; it is quite easy to get rid of what I have.’

Simply changing a phrase can give us a healthier, more positive and motivated attitude. We are more likely to believe that we can change for the better.

The second most common and even more damaging label I hear is ‘I am an all or nothing person’. Think for a minute what we are actually saying when we use this phrase. ‘All or Nothing!’ It’s untrue; I have never in my life met someone who is an ‘all or nothing person’. I have met many people who chose to do nothing rather than doing something.

‘All or Nothing’ is an excuse to do NOTHING!

Perhaps you don’t agree with me and are thinking she is wrong, I really am an all or nothing person. If that were the case then it would apply to every scenario of your life.

Picture this an ‘all or nothing’ person is working in a job for a couple of years, when half way through the day they realise that they are not giving the job their ‘All’ therefore the only answer is to give it  ‘Nothing’, so they quit.

A newly wed ‘all or nothing’ man, after a month of marriage finds he has been distracted by work and has not given his marriage all of himself for the past few days, therefore he files for divorce.

A harassed ‘all or nothing’ mother is too tired and too busy to give her children all of her attention so she gives the children away.

Sounds like nonsense doesn’t it? We know that life doesn’t work that way, we all have off days, days when we are distracted or just plain flat out with work and cannot give our loved ones all our attention. We don’t opt out; we just make it up to them when we can. When we can’t give our all, we give what we have.

I’m sure at some time we have all been a little distracted while reversing our car and scratched it against a wall or gate.car crash Imagine getting out of the car, examining the small scratch, getting back into the car, putting it into reverse, hitting the accelerator and slamming the car into the wall. Then repeating this numerous times until the car is unrepairabe.

Again this is a nonsense scenario, no one would choose to damage their car in this way……….. but we choose to damage our bodies.

“Now that I’ve eaten two cookies I may as well finish the box, because it’s all or nothing with me.”

“I started the week badly, eating the wrong foods and not exercising so there is no point in trying now, because I am an all or nothing person.”

“I can’t get to the gym today so I’m going to sit on the couch and graze all night instead.”

‘All or Nothing’ is an excuse to do nothing. It is not a personality trait or a disposition we are born with, because we do not apply it to all areas of our lives. Therefore it is choice we make when it suits us to have an excuse to do nothing.

We can always do something. If you can’t get to the gym, go for a walk. If it’s raining follow an exercise DVD. If you don’t have a DVD player run up and down the stairs ten times. If you live in a single story dwelling, jog on the spot. We can always DO SOMETHING. Ten minutes moving is better than ten minutes on the couch.

A bad days eating does not mean a bad weeks eating, indeed a bad morning does not mean a bad day, unless we choose to make it so.Proud man

On the days where you give your fat loss and fitness efforts your all, be proud of yourself and look forward to the results. On the days that you can’t give it your all, give it something and look forward to the results.

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