HappinessWe have had a wonderful summer, and it was great to enjoy the long, hot days, and extended spells of sunshine. It definitely puts us all in a better mood, and I will go as far as saying everyone is happier when the sun is shining. How quickly summer passes and here we are heading for autumn, the dark evenings are closing in and there is a nip in the air. How will this affect our happiness?

We cannot spend the next nine months feeling unhappy and wishing our lives away until summer returns. There is no doubt that we are all guilty of allowing outside influence affect our inner happiness. Aside from the weather we all say things like ‘I would be  happy if………..I lost weight, I got fit, I was a size 10, I could find love…….’ Feel free to finish the sentence yourself!

We cannot put our lives on hold and wait for things to get better before we experience true happiness. Time passes by too quickly to wait for happiness.

People who know me describe me as a happy person, and I am. In fact I am often asked ‘why I am so happy?’ or ‘what makes me happy?’ It’s not a case of never been sad, I have experienced sadness in my life, however I have the Happiness Habit.



We must look after ourselves if we are to be truly happy. It’s admirable to look after and take care of others, but taking care of ourselves first, enables us to be the best care giver we can be. Take care of your body, it is the only one you will ever have, and if it lets you down, you won’t be much good to yourself or anyone else. Eat well, make time to exercise, get enough sleep, floss, use sun screen, spend a little more on your hair care and treat yourself (not with food) often.


We all have people in our lives that we look forward to seeing, that we enjoy spending time with and who make us feel good about ourselves. These are the people we should strive to spend time with.

We probably all have someone in our lives who does the opposite. Do you ever find yourself walking away from someone and feeling down about yourself? Usually this person is not direct in their approach, they will not obviously insult you, but the undertones are always there. Perhaps you think you are been paranoid. Let me tell you that you are not paranoid, trust your instincts. There are people in this world who only  feel good about themselves by knocking others. You cannot allow others to take away your happiness. Distance yourself from these people, avoid spending time with them. You have enough people in your life who appreciate you; they are the ones who deserve your company, don’t waste time with people who don’t value your worth.


If we spend most of our time doing things we hate doing we cannot expect to be happy. If you hate your job, find another one. This may mean retraining, or taking a cut in income, trust me it’s worth it. I loved a job I did for many years, but when it no longer gave me the same enjoyment I knew it was time to change. My decision affected my finances; however having less money did not make me unhappy, embarking on a new life adventure made me very happy.

Whether its career, exercise or social, do the things you most enjoy doing and that make you happy.


Kindness is a beautiful quality and practicing kindness comes back to us tenfold. When we show kindness to someone we automatically feel good inside. Acts of kindness have a way of rebounding; when we are kind to someone generally they will be kind to us in return. Even if this is not the case, the aim of practicing kindness is the happy feeling we get, which far outweighs any material reward.

Sometimes acting kind means learning to forgive. Harbouring grudges or fueling feuds makes us feel sad, angry and bitter.  Forgiving someone allows us to let go of feelings of bitterness, hurt and sadness, gives us closure and allows us to move on emotionally and physically in life.



Being optimistic is not unrealistic or naive. It just means focusing on better things ahead rather than dwelling on negative things right now. I choose not to stress. I look at a situation or relationship and ask myself can I do something to make things better. If I can I take action, if I can’t I let it go. Stress and worry makes me sad, taking action gives me control, and letting go gives me emotional closure.

Make a decision to enjoy yourself before you do something, whether it’s a holiday, an evening out with friends or spending time with family. Rather than look for the faults or the negatives, decide that you are going to have a good time, even if things are not perfect.

Remember you are the star of your life, you are playing the lead role, your happiness is paramount.

Happiness is not gained through how much we have or how perfect we are, its gained by enjoying what we have, loving who we are, while having a healthy desire to exceed others expectations of ourselves.

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