Size 0 V Size 32There is one thing that really annoys me, actually there is more than one but I’ll concentrate on one today, it annoys me when I see Facebook posts that compare the size 32 girl to the size 0 girl and the public give comments on who looks better.

Firstly, in an ideal world we would never judge someone on their appearance alone, unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world, but we can decide now to change our own behaviour, and to stop judging others, especially those we know nothing about, on their appearance. We cannot make the world ideal, but we can make our own contribution to the world ideal.

Often we judge others negatively to make us feel better about ourselves. This is not the road to happiness or self-belief.

Let’s also make the decision to stop taking part in the ‘size 32 versus size 0 debate’. Being a size 32 or a size 0 are not the only choices, there are a lot of sizes in between. There is no one ideal body size that fits all. There isn’t even a perfect body size for our height. We are human beings, individual by our very nature, and this is something we ought to embrace.

We will never be happy and content in our own body, while we continue to compare ourselves to others, especially when those we compare ourselves to are super models, film stars and top athletes.

I admire many super models, film stars and top athletes, but I have no desire to make the sacrifices, spend the money or put in the training that they do in order to have a body like them. I don’t compare myself to them, I compare myself to me. I admire how much my body shape has changed, the definition in my upper body and my shapely legs. I am not egotistical, I am happy and content in my body.Me resized finalIf others judged my body I’m sure they would pick out many imperfections, this is of no consequence to me. I like my body the way it is, there is nothing I would change, and I work hard to maintain my body shape.

It is a positive to want to change for the better, to take action, make healthy lifestyle changes and to strive to achieve your own desired body shape. It’s also a positive to have a role model to inspire and motivate you. Just remember to keep it real. Strive to achieve YOUR DESIRED BODY SHAPE and not anyone else’s. Don’t be influenced by anyone else. You will know when you have achieved the perfect body for you, because you will admire how your body shape has changed, and you will be happy and content with your body size, and that is the only thing that matters. Not what it says on the scales, not what it says in social media, not what it says in magazines, only what you say when you look at yourself in the mirror.

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