Tip of the Week-How to Lose Weight Fast

How to lose weight fastHow to lose weight fast is the question that everyone wants the answer to. The answer is, there are hundreds of ways to lose weight fast. Liquid diets, meal replacements, eliminating food groups will all give us rapid weight loss results on the scales. Unfortunately this is a temporary result, we know this, and should not feel disappointed or guilty when we break from the ‘diet’ and find that the weight returns.

When we follow this type of dieting we not only lose fat, we also lose muscle and water, hence the term is Weight Loss, rather than Fat Loss. Water weight returns as soon as we have even one day that we don’t stick to the calorie restrictive diet, and losing muscle negatively affects the rate at which our body burns calories, leaving us with a new set of problems.

Losing Weight Fast or Losing Fat Permanently?

The real question we should be asking is ‘do we want to lose weight fast or lose fat forever?’ If your answer is ‘lose weight fast’ then you should probably stop reading now because the rest of this article will be of no interest to you. If you want to lose fat forever keep reading and start losing.

5 Simple Steps to Lose Fat Forever Instead of Losing Weight Fast

Eat more food earlier in the day. A lot of my clients tell me that their habit is eating very little all day and grazing all evening. We will burn all the calories we consume at breakfast time through our normal daily activities, we also have the opportunity to burn the calories we consume at lunch time. Unless we have a high resting metabolism it is unlikely we will burn all of the calories we consume in the evening, especially if our habit is to graze while relaxing on the couch. A much better habit is to eat more food earlier in the day and smaller amounts in the evening time.

Eat 5 times a day. In order to lose weight fast we often find ourselves skipping meals in order to reduce our calorie intake. This is a short sighted solution. When we skip meals our blood sugar levels drop and spike, we lose out on vital nutrition, we lack energy and often look for a caffeine fix, and skipping meals alters our metabolism but not in a  helpful way. Eating 5 smaller meals throughout the day greatly benefits permanent fat loss.

Size does matter. When it comes to food portions one size does not fit all. The portion of food we eat should be in relation to our body size. For example a six foot male weighing 225lbs requires a larger portion than a five foot five woman weighing 150lbs, and a ten year old child’s portion should be smaller still.

Get the balance right. Another trend for achieving fast weight loss is to cut food groups. To achieve permanent fat loss we require a balance of all food groups. Ensure that every meal includes a large portion of fresh fruit or vegetables, a medium portion of lean protein and a small portion of high fibre carbohydrates. Choose low fat dairy and don’t try to eliminate fat completely as good fats are essential for health and wellness. Reduce salt and sugar. Drink plenty of water.

Exercise 5 times per week. 5 thirty minute sessions per week is more beneficial for achieving permanent fat loss than 2 three hour sessions. When we exercise frequently our body becomes a fat burning machine. Even short bursts of activity, 7 to 10 minutes, a couple of times a day will increase our fat burning rate.

Permanent fat lossIf you are still asking how to lose weight fast there are hundreds of trend diets you can follow. Just be prepared to put the weight back on and sadly often more than you originally lost. I am speaking from experience. I spent seventeen years losing and gaining weight, eventually I stopped following fad diets and lost 50lbs. For sixteen years I have maintained a healthy body weight by following the advice I have shared in this blog.

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