Slow Down To Speed Up Fat Loss

No matter how sensible our approach to fat loss has become, and even understanding that fast weight loss is temporary weight loss, we still look for ways to speed up fat loss. Most of us are impatient and want to see quick fat loss results, and while it is very important to understand that we cannot rush something we want to last forever, there are habits we can embrace that will help to speed up fat loss.

Slow Down To Speed Up Fat Loss

Most of us eat far too quickly and the result is fat gain. Extensive research has been carried out on this topicSpeed up fat loss and all results conclude that men who eat quickly are 80% more likely to be overweight, while women who eat quickly are 100% more likely to be overweight. Eating too fast overrides the mechanisms which tell our brains we are full. Nerves send signals to the brain that the stomach is expanding, at the same time ghrelin, the hormone that gives us messages to remind us to eat (hunger hormone) begins to decrease. It takes about twenty minutes after we begin to eat for the message to stop eating to reach our brain. Putting it in simple terms when we eat quickly there is no time for the message to reach the brain telling us ‘I’m eating now, I’m satisfied now’, and by the time we get the message ‘I’m full now STOP EATING!’ it’s too late we have already over eaten. It may very well be unintentional overeating but the result is the same. Overeating leads to fat gain.

 Where It Begins

Most of us form the habit of speed eating as children. We were probably told to eat up quickly and to eat everything on our plates, followed by some threat of punishment (‘no desserts, not allowed outside to play, don’t come looking for food if you are hungry in an hour’, etc.) Please parents take heed, let’s stop passing on negative and destructive messages surrounding food to our children. It’s time to change our own attitude and to give our children good advice when it comes to food and eating. We cannot change a nation, but we can start with our own children. Children take your time eating, don’t rush your food, you do not have to finish everything on your plate, and if you are hungry an hour later you can have some fruit or vegetables to snack on. Speed Up Fat LossWe carry speed eating through to adulthood because of our fast paced lifestyles. We are always busy, rushing around and feeling under pressure. Eating too quickly doesn’t just affect weight gain, it also affects our health. Speed eating often means lazy chewing so over-sized bites of food are sent hurtling down the food pipe and the food is squeezed through the gastro-oesophageal junction. This will lead to indigestion, bloating and reflux. When too much food is crammed into the stomach too quickly the stomach is simply over flowing.

5 Tips To Stop Speed Eating And Speed Up Fat Loss

  • Always On A Seat Never On Your Feet: This is a great little rule for eating. Not only does eating while sitting help us to slow down, but deciding that we will only ever eat sitting down cuts out picking and mindless eating. Sit at a table for every meal, use a plate and utensils.
  • Make a Meal Out Of Every Meal: Don’t watch TV, engage in Facebook or Twitter, read the papers or write emails while eating. Switch your phone to the silent setting and place it face down on the table. If we are distracted from eating, we are far more likely to eat quickly, which in turn leads to overeating.
  • Put Down The Knife and Fork: Place your knife and fork on the plate between mouthfuls and give yourself time to chew your food really well. Sip water in between. Place smaller amounts of food on your fork or spoon.
  • Use Salad Leaves: Place a bowl of salad leaves (rocket/arugula) beside your plate and dip into them between mouthfuls of your meal. This will help you to get into the habit of slowing down, have you ever tried to rush rocket?
  • Eat More Often: Don’t allow yourself to get too hungry, it is much harder to slow the pace when we are starving. Avoid this by eating 5 times per day. Eating smaller amounts more often during the day will help to speed up fat loss.

Speed Up Fat Loss

Slowing Down Helps To Speed Up Fat Loss

Put these simple tips into action to stop speed eating and speed up fat loss. Permanent fat loss is achievable to everyone, but to change permanently takes time and patience. However there are many habits and small changes we can make to speed up fat loss. You will find many more tips and information on how to speed up fat loss right here

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