Vera’s 5 Permanent Fat Loss Program

It’s been quite a while since I blogged on here, but with very good reason. I have been busy putting the finishing touches to Vera’s 5 Permanent Fat Loss Program, which I will launch this coming January. I’m really excited about launching my program and I want to let you know what’s coming your way in January, but first let me share a little of my back ground, and how Vera’s 5 Permanent Fat Loss Program all came about.

Finding A Permanent Fat Loss Solution

Permanent fat lossI spent seventeen years following fad diets, going on crash diets and looking for quick fixes to solve my weight problem. Rather than solving it, fad diets led to a 45lb weight gain, low self-esteem, disappointment in me and a deep routed sadness. Thankfully I found a solution that worked for me, lost 45lbs over 6 months, and spent the next fifteen years, coaching and motivating hundreds of others to achieve what I had achieved. Over the fifteen years my life changed radically, as did my knowledge surrounding food and fat loss. I observed many people, those who lost weight and put it back on, and those, who like myself kept it off, and I asked why?

Vera’s 5 Fat Loss Fitness Strength Well-being Happiness

The most important thing I discovered is that in order to permanently change one area of our lives, we must change all aspects of life. We cannot hope to achieve permanent fat loss without also working on our fitness, strength, well-being and happiness. I have put all of my knowledge and experience into creating my own Permanent Fat Loss Program, Vera’s 5. It has taken years of research and study to create my program. I have personally implemented my own program and am enjoying the results. My body shape is better, more muscle definition, less body fat. My fitness has improved beyond my wildest expectations. Working on my physical strength has also led to strength of mind. I have taught myself to overcome comfort and emotional eating, by using simple strategies, which has helped to improve my well-being. Having confidence and self-belief has given me the courage to make big changes in my life, which in return has enhanced my happiness. Over the past year I have personally coached a select number of people who came to me for help. These people were lost in a world full of conflicting advice and were seeking permanent fat loss. They implemented Vera’s 5 Permanent Fat Loss Program and have achieved outstanding results. But don’t take my word for it, watch their videos right here  and see the results for yourself.

Vera’s 5 Live It!

Here’s the good news, it is a really simple program to follow. You don’t have to cut food groups, make big sacrifices or follow complicated instructions in order to permanently lose fat on my program. You just have to be willing to change. Are you ready for more good news? Unlike other on-line weight loss programs Vera’s 5 is not a one-time payment for a one off offer. Usually once you have downloaded an on-line weight loss plan you are on your own. With Vera’s 5 Permanent Fat Loss Program I will coach, inform, inspire and motivate you continuously for the duration of the six month program. I will help you to Live It!

I am excited about sharing Vera’s 5 Permanent Fat Loss Program, because I know it works. It has worked for me, it has worked for my Personal Coaching Clients,Permanent fat loss it can work for you too. Vera’s 5 Let’s Live It!                                                                                                                           Please feel free to share this or any of my blogs on Facebook, Twitter or any social network that you use. If you have any questions or comments I am always happy to hear from you.

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