Vera’s Videos – Vera’s 5-Permanent Fat Loss Series

Personal Fat Loss Coach Vera Baker

Vera welcomes her blog visitors who are interested in sustainable permanent fat loss in this opening video in her short series on the “5 Factors To A Full-Filled Life”

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Permanent Fat Loss

In this second video in the series “5 Factors To A Full Filled Life” Vera talks about permanent fat loss and how it is achieved as part of her program.


In this video Vera talks about how well-being becomes an inevitable outcome of her permanent fat loss system when all the five factors are worked on during her program.


In this video Vera talks about strength of body as a consequence of getting fitter and also of strength of mind which is developed as part of her Veras5 permanent fat loss program.


In this video Vera talks about most peoples ultimate goal which is happiness. Vera explains that she attained happiness in her life through using her skills and the elements of the Veras5 syatem in her everyday life which culminated in all the elements in her life improving and leading her to happiness.