Well being VeraWell-being, it’s a word that gets bantered around a lot, but what does it actually mean?
The definition in the dictionary is: a good or satisfactory condition of existence; but I think most of us have a higher expectation for our own well-being. I know I do. I don’t want to live a satisfactory life; I want to live an exceptional life! Are you with me?


What words describe well-being for you?
• Positivity
• Contentment
• Good mental health
• Self-belief
• Good self-image
• Confidence
• Enthusiasm
You probably have more to add to the list, factors that are important to you.

When I was 45lbs over weight I was unfit, unhealthy and had a poor body image. At 29 I felt old for my years, fat and frumpy. I couldn’t dress the way I wanted to, I hated going to social events as I lacked confidence and I thought people would be judging me. I had no energy and was missing enthusiasm for life. I was sad too and at times depressed.
Eventually the feelings of discontent, disappointment and regret were over shadowed by the motivation to change.
I discovered that I was largely in control of my well-being. It came down to my lifestyle choices. I have found a way to live my live for my own greatest benefit, which in turn is of great benefit to those I love.

Achieving my desired body shape, finding my passion for activity and adventure and making career decisions based on what I enjoy doing, has turned all the negativity on its head.Vera Climbing a Wall - Well Being
Every time we choose to go for a 15 minute walk, instead of 15 minutes on the couch, every time we choose to prepare and cook a healthy meal instead of grabbing take away, every time we say no to extra helpings and yes to moving more, we are making the choice to improve our own well-being.
It’s true that we only get one life, get it right and one is enough.
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By Vera Baker

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