Why We Don’t Need Will Power To Succeed

will powerPeople give up on their goals all the time because they say they don’t have will power, or they’ve lost their will power. Will power is fake, we cannot depend on it, it is no use to us, we don’t need it. And that’s the good news! We don’t need will power to follow a healthy food plan; we don’t need will power to follow an exercise plan.  Will power is like an emotion, it comes and goes, sometimes we have it in abundance, while other days we feel we have lost it.  We know that we cannot depend on having will power; therefore we cannot use it as an excuse for giving up on our goals.

What We Actually Need To Succeed

Rather than will power what we actually need to succeed is a Plan Of Action. The less decisions we are required to make throughout the day, the more automated our day becomes, the easier it is to stick to our healthy eating and exercise plan. If we only purchase healthy foods, if they are all we have in the home, then our only choice when we are home is to eat healthy food. Eating healthy food becomes automatic and we soon find that when we are eating out we automatically choose healthy options. Gradually the desire for high fat, high sugar and highly processed foods, dissipates. Our natural or automatic choice is healthy.

Plan To Succeed

Regular exercise will also become an automatic part of our week.will power Begin making it so today, by inserting 5 appointments in your diary, over the coming week, for you to exercise. Once you have inserted these appointments in your diary consider them written in stone. You are making your own health and fitness a priority in your life. Never question whether or not you will keep your exercise appointment, to steal a phrase ‘Just Do It’. And for those of us living in Ireland, do not look out the window to see what the weather is doing. It’s Ireland, expect rain, anything else is a bonus. There is no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. Dress appropriately and the weather becomes irrelevant.

To Succeed We Must Know Why

permanent fat lossWe don’t need will power in order to make healthy food choices, we don’t need will power to encourage us to exercise, we do it because we know Why we are doing it. Write down Why eating healthy and exercising is important for you. Write down all of the ways you will benefit check this from making good choices for your budget. Write down how being fit and healthy will enhance your well-being and happiness. Remind yourself Why on a regular basis. If the Why is big enough, if the Why is important enough you will Succeed. Remove will power from you vocabulary, replace it with Why and enjoy the results.

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