Will Gluten Make Me FatThe term “gluten free” is all the rage these days. Restaurants, grocery shops and bakeries are all offering “gluten free” choices and everybody is jumping on the bandwagon, in some cases without understanding what gluten is and if it is really detrimental to our health. Gluten acts as a binding agent. It is a protein complex that is found in grains such as rye, wheat and barley. It is used to hold the ingredients together in order for dough to form. So will Gluten make me fat?

Is gluten bad?

Unfortunately, despite the bad press gluten has received, the jury is still out on this. There are two camps. One camp believes that gluten is bad and will affect our health negatively. The other camp believes that gluten should only be avoided by people who are gluten sensitive. About one in seven adults are gluten sensitive. If you’re one of them, it is in the interest of your health to avoid gluten. Those suffering from ceoliac disease should also avoid gluten at all costs. Some of the negative effects of gluten on those with low tolerance are bloating, constipation, diarrhea and general digestive problems. Ceoliac sufferers have it much worse and even the smallest amount of gluten may cause anemia, mood swings, organ problems and osteoporosis.

What About The Rest Of Us Who Are Not Gluten Sensitive?

There is some research that shows that the gluten in wheat can be addictive. This will cause us to crave foods like breads, pastries and other foods that generally lead to fat gain. A good experiment is to go on a gluten free diet and see if the cravings stop. It simply depends on the individual. In most cases, even though the body doesn’t process gluten, there is no real harm to the body. The fact of the matter is that it’s really tough to say if gluten is good or bad if we’re not sensitive to it. There hasn’t been enough conclusive research done on this to prove any one opinion right. However, considering that gluten is relatively recent and was not consumed by our ancestors, it may be a good idea to limit our intake of it.

The Way to Good Health is Eat Natural

The way to good health is to consume wholesome foods in their original form and to cook them in a healthy manner.Will Gluten Make Me Fat Pastries, cakes, breads and other foods that generally contain gluten are not ideal for someone trying to lose fat or improve fitness. They are processed products and should be consumed infrequently. Gluten Free varieties of these products are still processed foods and while they may seem to be a healthier option it is wise to remember they are not natural foods and should be eaten infrequently.

The Gluten Question is Relatively Unimportant.

Therefore the question Will Gluten Make Me Fat is relatively unimportant. We’re aiming to avoid processed foods so that we can be lean, fit and healthy. Foods that contain gluten are processed foods. It’s not realistic to say we should never eat these foods again, but we should certainly be aware of our consumption and aim to eat less processed foods and more natural foods. Eat natural. Eat single ingredient foods. Forget the latest fads and health crazes. Eating wisely is simple, don’t over complicate it.

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